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Attridge Group exclusively represents healthcare professionals.  We offer the business expertise to complement the medical expertise of practitioners, whether the objective is opening new practices, expanding locations, moving a practice or renewing a lease.

We deliver the highest level of expertise and customer service to the healthcare industry in Western Canada. Specializing in healthcare gives us an edge by leveraging our expertise in the commercial real estate industry when sourcing, negotiating and securing a lease or sale opportunity. We recognize the uniqueness of our clients’ needs, which is why we provide tailor-made solutions.

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Jason Jackson founded Attridge Group in 2015 with over 10 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry. Jason's work with some of Canada's top businesses allowed him to develop the very skills and knowledge he recognized were missing in real estate representation for the medical/dental community.

Prior to Attridge, Jason specialized in retail leasing, office leasing, and investment sales. Through his considerable transactions in these areas (outlined below), Jason gained a wealth of experience in site identification, negotiations, design, and construction of retail and office locations, and developed extensive relationships within the commercial real estate industry.

In 2013, a dentist retained Jason's help in securing a location for his practice. Jason's client had been overwhelmed by the process of finding a location and anxious about the time it would take to deal with design and construct the premises. The client had also struggled with scheduling these unfamiliar tasks and was stressed about completing such a sizable and costly project. Having represented various franchise owners who have similar capital costs and build-out complexities, Jason was well versed in dealing with such matters. Whereas franchisees have a dedicated corporate team and support network to assist them in making informed business decisions, dentists and other healthcare professionals do not have access to such services.

After successfully securing a location for this client, Jason was referred to another dentist who had similar requirements. This led to more referrals. Recognizing this need for real estate representation by healthcare professionals, Attridge Consulting was born.

Today, Attridge is a fully integrated consulting firm, offering Start-up Services, Lease Renewal Services, Commercial Real Estate Solutions, Market Intelligence, Design and Business Solutions. Attridge is in the business to provide healthcare professionals the opportunity to make informed, sound business decisions.


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We have carefully curated an interdisciplinary team comprised of highly experienced professionals in the area of marketing, research, trade, and commercial real estate. We also have created strategic alliances with reputable design and construction firms to lower costs and ensure client satisfaction.

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Honesty | Integrity | Confidentiality