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Whether you are leasing or selling a property, we understand from a leasing perspective that your investment performs better with long-term, stable tenants so we structure lease terms with strong covenants.  This knowledge translates to disposing of your property as we understand what drives decision-making, how to appeal to prospective purchasers to help assure you receive top dollar coupled with advantages terms.

Our Process

One of the reasons we can help achieve top dollar our exclusive marketing system, which attracts targeted parties, giving you more choice.


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Marketing System  

We start with reviewing your space to determine size, frontage (if retail), parking and restrictions.

Once we understand these items, we study the market to identify a gap to target buyers during the marketing process.

We have the added benefit of utilizing our location intelligence data to help us speak with authority about the trade area and provide interested buyers with the information needed to move forward.


Without proper feedback, you won't know how your property is performing within the market.

The first few weeks is the most critical time for your listing. It's important you receive timely feedback to understand how your location is being received by prospective buyers to determine if proactive adjustments need to be made.
We follow-up with all interested parties and report their feedback so you stay informed.


Successful negotiations are about establishing leverage.

Our understanding of your asset, current market conditions and trade area position. Allows us to establish leverage, helping you secure favorable terms, with a positive return on your investment.

Due Diligence

We complete an extensive due diligence process where you can take an in depth look into the prospective buyer.

Furthermore, we facilitate the due diligence process by organizing lawyers, site visits, contractors and other parties to firm up the transaction.


Our triple exposure system!

To achieve top dollar, your listing must be seen by the highest number of potential buyers as possible.

Our unique ties to multiple industries means our reach is expansive, so your listing receives triple the exposure:

Exposure to the healthcare and dental industry.

Exposure to over 50,000 licensed commercial real estate professionals.

Superior online exposure through public listings services.

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