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Business Plan  


Business Plan + Financial Projections 

Attridge is pleased to be recommended by RBC, TD Canada Trust, BMO, Scotiabank and CIBC.  Our professional business plans include specific information that is relevant to lenders and helps with the approval of your business loan.


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Lease Finalization  

Exclusively available to clients who select our Acquisition Services.
Finalizing a lease is complex, time consuming and often expensive process with many hidden costs. We've heard your concerns and developed a solution that is tailored to focus on your healthcare or dental business with a law firm experienced in handling commercial real estate and medical/dental clients.
The firm we use charges industry standard rates, but their experience and efficiency keeps costs down. Our volume transactions also enables Attridge to receive a price break that we pass on to our clients. To further benefit our clients, we have negotiated a fixed billing so our clients do not have to worry about escalating fees. Our arrangement allows you to receive legal services from a top-of-the-line law firm for a reasonable rate.

Lease Renewal Negotiations & Finalization  

For those that do not have the time to renew a lease, we can take the reins on negotiation and finalize it for you. 

  • - We review your existing lease to determine your options
  • - We research your market and negotiate with your landlord to keep your lease rate low and help secure inducements 


Practice Relocation  

Often relocating a practice is more challenging then opening a practice from scratch.  This is because you have a business and revenue you want to protect, but you are coupled with the same challenges as opening a practice from scratch, plus you are restricted by where you can go. 

We understand the challenges you face, plus limited time you have.   Your Practice Relocation Report will give you comfort by understanding your relocation costs and help relive your stress by providing you with direction and strategy. â€‹

  • - Determine vacancy in relation to your requirements
    - Provide you with a construction estimate
    - Provide you with a construction timeline
    - You'll receive an outline regarding the hidden costs associated with transitioning from a lease to a strata or freehold property. 
    - You'll receive a relocation strategy summary

Coaching Solutions  

Private Coaching

Have a more challenging requirement?

Such as multi location expansion plan, complex partnership, or looking for private consultation.

Do not fear your lease!

Fear your lawyer!

Learn how to avoid costly mistakes

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Dr. Evan Ayers


"The most valuable part of Attridge representation is that they understand what's involved in building out a new practice. They assessed the suitability of the potential space, gave me a realistic timeframe of the processes, and factored those into negotiating the real estate transaction.

I would recommend Attridge Consulting to my colleagues, especially to those who are unsure of whether their desired potential locations are financially viable. The team may suggest alternative locations based on his knowledge of real estate growth trends, which is an invaluable asset."