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We couple our commercial real estate sales system with our knowledge of dental and healthcare to give you better results.

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Our Process  

For years, you've asked Attridge to sell your practice because you disliked existing options. However, we held off entering this space to gain a better understanding as to why you found available options unsatisfactory.

We've been listening to you and studying the market.  The most common complaints we heard were:

- Lack of appraisal / evaluation options

- High holding costs, waiting months for a sale

Poor communication

- Expensive commission exclusively for the listing agent (Exclusive Listing Agreement)

We've taken your feedback and coupled it with our commercial real estate experience to re-develop the practice sale process to give you flexibility, feedbackexposure, and costs savings, while helping your practice sell for top dollar.


We give you flexibility by offering two options to determine a listing price:​

1. Concise Evaluation: A brief evaluation ideal for practice owners selling and marketing their practice. The Concise Evaluation is a cost effective solution to establishing a price range for selling your practice.

2. Detailed Appraisal: A standard detailed appraisal ideal for practice buyers looking to secure financing.

Shared Commission  

Our shared fee structure​

We cooperate with all licensed parties so your practice receives maximum exposure.

We use a Cooperating Fee Structurewith a shared commission structure that encourages other licensed agents to help us find buyers. This not only increases the exposure your practice receives, but it also increases the likelihood of a quicker sale, thus reducing your holding costs, without compromising on price.


Our triple exposure system!

To achieve top dollar, your listing must be seen by the highest number of potential buyers as possible.

Our unique ties to multiple industries means our reach is expansive, so your listing receives triple the exposure:

Exposure to the healthcare and dental industry.

Exposure to over 50,000 licensed commercial real estate professionals.

Superior online exposure through public listings services.


Without proper feedback, you won't know how your property is performing within the market.

The first few weeks is the most critical time for your listing. It's important you receive timely feedback to understand how your location is being received by prospective buyers to determine if proactive adjustments need to be made.
We follow-up with all interested parties and report their feedback so you stay informed.


Successful negotiations are about establishing leverage.

Our understanding of your asset, current market conditions and trade area position. Allows us to establish leverage, helping you secure favorable terms, with a positive return on your investment.

Due Diligence

We complete an extensive due diligence process where you can take an in depth look into the prospective buyer.

Furthermore, we facilitate the due diligence process by organizing lawyers, site visits, contractors and other parties to firm up the transaction.

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