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Why Do I Need Location Intelligence?  

Starting or purchasing your medical practice business can cost more than $500,000. For less than half a percent of your costs, you can ensure you are making the best choice when locating or purchasing your business with our Trade Area OverviewDemographic and Location Intelligence reports.


Need help identifying the best area for your practice?  

Try Our Positive Practice Identification Report

Opening a practice is a long and expensive process. If you do not get it right, it can be a costly mistake. The main challenge is there are many areas to cover, with many options and hidden challenges that take you in wrong, and costly, directions.
Once we understand your specific objectives, we couple our commercial real estate expertise with our specialized software to identify positive areas for your practice.
Our 3 step positive identification approach consists of examining three key factors. Once we complete our study and put together your Positive Practice Identification Report, we'll schedule a one hour consultation to go over your results.
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Found a Location?  

Once you've found a location, the next step is to complete a demographic study. This is a cost-effective way to give you an understanding of the location you are considering.

Our demographic data is top of the line and the industry standard for retailers such as McDonald's and Starbucks. It's updated monthly and not outsourced for 100% confidentiality.

We have three options for you!

The Basics

Drive Time Demographic Report

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The Essentials

Custom Demographic Report

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Complete Picture

Combined Demographic Report (Drive Time + Custom)

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Need an Expert?  

Trade Area Services

Have a location in mind, but can't find the right person to give you honest answers or helpful information?
Our comprehensive Trade Area Reports are designed to share our knowledge and expertise to help you understand factors like land use and zoning, real estate development and trade area attributes that may impact your business.
The Location Report takes a close look at your potential location and examines issues to help clarify the following:
  • Who is my immediate competition?
  • What is my trade area?
  • Is the real estate location good for my practice?
  • How does this location compare to the market?
Your report includes an overall score +summary.

Expert information helps you make expert decisions

Stop Running Around In The Dark 

Online Courses For You And Your Practice 

  • Commercial Real Estate Fundamentals
  • How To Source And Find A Location
  • Building A Practice

Learn How To Identify The Best Areas For You

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